When you don’t do hot yoga

I love hot yoga. Today is day 25 of my 30 day yoga challenge and most of the yoga practiced on those days was at Pure Yoga Ottawa, which is a hot yoga studio. I love being all sweaty, pushing myself and coming out of class with a silly smile on my face because I feel like I kicked butt!

Most evenings, I decide what class I will attend the next day. I like having a plan. Yesterday was crazy-busy however, and I didn’t get around to looking at the schedule. Today after work, when I thought of it, I had absolutely no energy. A hot yoga class will kick your butt if you are tired. I know from personnal experience. Check it out here Zero-energy yoga  I decided to go to a hatha class. I’ve been doing so much hot yoga lately that it’s become my normal. Going to a non-hot class made me realize you can expect certain things when you don’t do hot yoga.

– You can put your hair up into a ponytail and not have to pile it up on top of your head. If your hair touches your back, it will move away on it’s own, it won’t stick there.

– You can sit in your car after class without worrying that you’re leaving a sweat stain that only the C.S.I. people with blue flashlights can see.

– You don’t have to drink an entire bottle of water to keep from dying.

– If someone touches you, it’s not gross.

– You can go into downward dog without sweat going into your nose.

– You don’t have to cover your mat with a towel. I am so used to seeing my pink towel, I forgot my mat was purple.

– When you come out of class, you will not have the I feel gross/I feel awesome combo.

– You can wear a t-shirt without it sticking to your skin, making you rethink the whole naked yoga thing.

I like to laugh at the sweaty, sticky side of hot yoga, but I honestly feel like I have found my place in the yoga world. Bring on the sweat!


One thought on “When you don’t do hot yoga

  1. livepassionatelytonight says:

    This post just made me laugh out loud, because it is SO true. Especially the hair thing. I totally agree with everything you said though. Hot yoga gives you a feeling like no other class possibly can. I personally think it’s the best feeling in the world 🙂

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