Moon salutations

Yesterday was Saturday and I had to work. That’s pretty bad, because I am a teacher. Teachers are not supposed to work on Saturdays. I had a work thing from 8:30 to 4 pm. I looked at every yoga studio I could think of in the city, and there were no classes before or after that time. I really did not want to skip a day, so I decided to practice at home.

I have a yoga dvd, but it’s the extreme-sport version of yoga. There are side planks and dolphin poses in there. Good stuff for when you are really into it. There are two levels, but I’ve never gotten past the first one, even on a good day.

I had very little energy left after this wonderful (sarcasm) day of work. I decided to look online and found some great “evening yoga” videos. One of them had moon salutations. I really enjoy moon salutations, but most classes are sun salutation based.

I did both moon and sun salutations, then I was a little worried that I might have messed up the universe by doing them back to back. Everything seemed ok this morning, so I guess it all worked out.

If you’re not familiar with moon salutations, it goes like this.

I did another video that consisted of cat/cow poses, bridge and lots of lovely twists. I decided to do my final savasana in the bathtub, with Strawberry Shortcake scented bubbles.

In case you’re wondering, this is what me doing yoga in my pyjamas at home looks like.

I was disappointed that I couldn’t get to a class, but I think it all worked itself out in the end. I was very tired, and it was nice to stay in to practice instead of going out. I’m glad I didn’t miss day 13!

10 thoughts on “Moon salutations

  1. Suzanne says:

    haha, I love the fact that you posed in your pj’s for that photo and your smiling. Also Strawberry Shortcake bubble bath is bliss!

  2. adkjerseygirl says:

    How did you like the Moon Salutations? I taught a 6 week series in February called “Be Your Own Guru” to a class of 10 and we spent a good hour on moon salutations. Most had never done them let alone taught them in class. I think they’re great. It’s such a fabulous and soft way to open the hips.

    You should be really proud of yourself for doing yoga at home! One of the most challenging things to develop is a home practice!

    • The Bliss Project says:

      I love moon salutations, but most classes don’t do them and I hardly ever practice at home, so it was nice to take the time to do them. I really like the way the poses flow.
      You’re right, it is very difficult to develop a home practice! I’m much more motivated to go to a class, but I enjoyed myself so much at home, I think I will probably do it again!

  3. Jamie Ebert says:

    Great job! I’m just tuning in so what is this Day 13 of? Either way, home practice when you’re tired is challenging, and you should feel proud to have the discipline to do that. Moon salutations are wonderful, they are a good complement to the more common sun salutation that predominates our society. Moon helps to balance our softer, feminine side.

    • The Bliss Project says:

      Hi! Thanks for reading and commenting!
      I’m doing a 30 days of yoga challenge, and the moon salutations were on day 13. I practice every day. It’s new to me, as I used to be more of the once a week type of yogini!
      I enjoy moon salutaions very much and I’ll definitely make time for them more often in my practice.

  4. Green Thumb Mama says:

    My friend loaned me that very DVD and I did not find it nice at all. For me, yoga is maybe 5% fitness and 95% spiritual/flexibility. I’ve never done moon salutations before and was thinking they would be good for evening yoga with my hubby! And for the record, I do yoga in my jammies all the time!!

    • The Bliss Project says:

      Yes, that dvd is more of a workout than yoga. I only do it when I very motivated for a core workout and not when I want to practice. The focus of it really is just fitness.

      Moon salutations are great for evening! You should try it. Let me know how it goes. And I’m glad I’m not the only pyjama-yogi out there!

  5. catnipkiss says:

    If you enjoy a home practice, you might want to check out MyYogaOnline; they have video classes of all levels and lengths. I have done a bunch of these while traveling, it saved me! If you use it a lot the membership works out to very little in the long run. Not a spokesperson for them, but I won a membership and I was SO glad I did! Good luck with your challenge!

  6. J says:

    Hey, I’m a teacher too! We’re getting near the end of the school year here, and daily yoga has helped keep me sane. I LOVE Moon Salutations and I’m so glad more folks are getting into them. I also love Mandala Namaskar (Circular Salutations) as well. Yoga Journal has a 21 day challenge video series on their website that is completely free. And if you’re willing to pay a little ($18/mo I think) Yoga Glo has a whole library of online classes.

    And I feel ya on the workout-yoga DVD combo. I did P90X a couple of years ago, and by the end of the video, I hated Tony Horton and any post-yoga bliss was completely blown.

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