How to go for a run

The awesome weather we’ve been having is motivating me to go running. This is great, because I usually start enjoying my run when I’m at least 10 minutes in. The actual getting out the door and getting started is not my favorite part. I know I’ll feel good about it later, but I usually have to bribe myself with something like this.

My getting ready goes something like this:

Check the weather.

Look for blue t-shirt.

Find only green t-shirt.

Keep looking.

Find blue t-shirt in gym bag.

Sniff for freshness.

Put on blue t-shirt.

Put on pink hoodie that completely covers blue t-shirt.

Check the weather.

Drink some water.

Find ipod.

Wonder if earbuds fall out of everyone’s ears.


Find keys.

Check the weather.

Go outside.

Lock door.

Go back in for sunglasses.

5 minute warm-up walk.

Ok, 10 minutes.

Find good song to start running to.

Think about getting some new music.

Start running.

Huff, puff.

Think about sore knees.

Think about bad ankle.

Stop thinking.






Come home.

Eat a cookie.

Last fall I ran a 5k with one of my students. There was no way I was letting a 7 year old be tougher than me. How’s that for motivation? I wonder if she’ll do a 10k with me?

What’s your motivation?

6 thoughts on “How to go for a run

  1. Isabelle says:

    Yes, you crack me up – oh, how I’m enjoying your blog though. So motivational! I need something to aim for (an event) to be consistent with my running… I’m running my first marathon in… 5 weeks. Yikes!! Hadn’t realized it was so soon already! Ok, please keep posting! 🙂

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