30 days of yoga

Last week, a new yoga studio called Pure opened in Ottawa and they offered free classes all week. I’ve been to many different studios around town, and they are usually pretty great, but something about this particular studio just fits with me. The walls are painted bright colours, there’s music during class, the atmosphere is relaxed but fun. They had a great introductory price of 30$ for one month of unlimited yoga. Obviously, my friend Julie and I jumped on this offer and marveled at the fact that we could do yoga for a dollar a day. Then we realized that this was the perfect opportunity to try something this crazy. And so, our 30 days of yoga challenge was born! Yesterday was day one.

We went to a core flow class. Doesn’t that sound relaxing? It’s not. Did I mention that this is a HOT yoga studio? It’s 100 degrees in there! That’s 38 degrees celcius, in Canadian-speak.

This is Julie and I before class. See how nice and un-sweaty we are?

Our instructor was Amber. I like her classes, but at some point, during my 12th plank of the day, I didn’t like Amber so much anymore! She gives rest periods during class, but for every rest she offered, I took at least 2 more. Ok, who am I kidding, 4 more. Somewhere around my 23rd plank, I started to doubt the fact that I would survive, much less go on to do 29 more days of yoga.

Julie’s favorite pose of the night was downward dog.

Downward dog is NOT my favorite pose! I get that it’s a resting pose, but I like to rest curled up in a little ball on the floor clutching my towel in one hand and my water bottle in the other hand, half hoping I’ll pass out and wake up when class is over. To each her own, I guess.

My favorite pose of the night was bow. You can’t fall over when you’re already on the floor.

After my 36th plank of the night, which involved holding a block between my thighs, Amber said the magic words : lie on your back. Even though we weren’t done yet, I knew I would make it out alive. I started feeling pretty good about myself for not giving in and collapsing on the floor. I thought “Hey, I can do this for a month, no problem!”

I asked someone to take a picture of us. Just so you know, the heat in a hot yoga room will steam up your camera and your picture will come out looking something like this.

You can still see our pink yoga towels, which I was very glad to have! I recommend getting one if you don’t want to bellyflop during a vinyasa. Oh yes, that’s been known to happen. To me. Once, Julie and I even bellyflopped in synch.

I came out of class pretty pleased with myself. Also pretty sweaty. Sure, it was tough, but it was also fun! I’m looking forward to a month of yoga, even if it will be challenging sometimes.

I think our after class smiles are even bigger than our before class smiles. Or maybe it’s just the joy of having gotten through it!

8 thoughts on “30 days of yoga

  1. blessedwiththunderthighs says:

    Ooh! Hot yoga is TOUGH! I always felt great as soon as I walked out, but it was really hard for me to enjoy it during the 90 minutes (well I guess if there’s sweat coming out of every pore of the body while stretching out the body, it’s going to be a little uncomfortable). 😀 Great job, girl! Keep it going!

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